The Los Angeles Dodgers continue to have problems at first base.

James Loney, whose job security was considered unsafe going into the offseason with a pair of superstar first basemen on the free agent market, was arrested and hospitalized after an altercation with police following a car accident last month, according to tabloid TMZ.

At 6:15 pm on Nov. 14, Loney was driving 65 miles per hour in his Maserati on the 101 Freeway and made an unsafe turning motion into another lane and then collided with a Toyota Prius, and then proceeded to drive out of control and collided with a Mini Cooper and then a Mercedes Benz.

In the police report, Loney, 27, was described as restless, unsteady, aggressive, and irritable as he was experiencing a medical problem or possibly under the influence of drugs. When questioned by police, Loney was disoriented, and exhibited eyelid tremors and his shirt was soiled and moist from perspiration.

Loney didn't know what day or month it was, as well. He was handcuffed for aggressive behavior and was given an injection at Sherman Oaks Hospital to sedate him. At one point, Loney spat a mouthpiece at an officer amid a breathalyzer test in a threatening manner.

The incident seems out of character for Loney, who has no off-the-field incidents.

The Dodgers went into the winter with thoughts of perhaps upgrading first base with either Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder, but the team's lowered payroll prevented them from being viable participants in signing either player.

The news of Loney's altercation comes on the same day that the Angels, who share a media market with the Dodgers, signed Pujols to a blockbuster deal.

Last season, Loney hit .288 with 12 home runs and 65 RBI.