The Miami Dolphins were scheduled to unveil their new logo and uniforms at a Thursday press conference, but a Jacksonville, Fla., television station accidentally did it for them.

The unnamed Jacksonville television station’s gaffe occurred on Tuesday, when the news outlet was given access to the unveiling of the Jaguars’ new uniforms at Nike headquarters. In publishing the photos of the Jaguars’ latest ensemble, the station’s photographer accidentally leaked images of the new Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings’ uniforms, ESPN reports.

The leaked images included a pair of close-up shots of the Dolphins’ new logo and jersey design, as well as a landscape shot that included a glimpse at the latest incarnation of the Vikings’ uniform. Both teams were scheduled to reveal their own uniforms on Thursday night, ESPN reports.

With a new logo and adjusted color scheme, the Dolphins will showcase a fresh look for the 2013 NFL season. SB Nation notes that the new threads feature a return to the franchise’s original aqua color, as opposed to the teal shade of its more recent jerseys. In addition, the leaked uniforms featured a notable reduction in the use of orange, which had been prevalent in recent years.

The changes to the Vikings’ uniforms are more subtle. In addition to the team’s slightly altered “Norseman” logo, Minnesota’s new outfits will feature slight alterations to the shoulder stripes and jersey numbers. The team has also added purple pants to its locker room collection.