Real estate tycoon, star of the popular TV show Apprentice and an aspiring Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently on a media-blitz selling his cause to beat presidential contender and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump's public relations (PR) campaign has been built around questioning the validity of President Obama's birth certificate. But recently Trump has also broached on foreign policy, adding another angle to his PR campaign. Here is a rundown:


Donald Trump speaking with CBN News about his foreign policy doctrine said: My over-arching is number one, strong, strong military, stronger than ever before.

Speaking on Iraq, he stated: I'm saying we take over the oil fields. We won the war. We take over the oil fields. We use the oil.

Trump also revealed that he was not a big 'fan' of Iraq war. Frankly, they are not the people that knocked down the World Trade Center. It was not Saddam Hussein and when they put people on the planes, when the terrorists attacked the trade center, their families. They all went back to Saudi Arabia. They didn't go back to Iraq but we spent $1.5 trillion.


Trump further cited his concerns over retreating U.S. forces from Iraq, stating: Iran, within 15 minutes after we leave Iraq, Iran is going to go over and take over, not only Iraq, but more importantly the great oil fields of Iraq; because you know they're second to Saudi Arabia in terms of reserves. They have $15 trillion worth of oil. Now, if Iran is going to take over the fields, and we've lost thousands of lives, and wounded and everything else, and spent $1.5 trillion, and Iran is going to take it over.

Saudi Arabia:

Speaking on spiraling oil prices, Trump targeted Saudi Arabia. Appearing in Good Morning America program, he said: Gasoline prices are going to go to $5, $6, $7 and we don't have anybody in Washington that calls OPEC and says, 'Fellas, it's time. It's over. You're not going to do it anymore'. Elaborating further, Trump said: I'm going to look 'em in the eye and say, 'Fellas, you've had your fun. Your fun is over.'


Speaking at Good Morning America, Trump spoke about trade with China: China is going to make $300 billion this year, largely because our companies can't compete, because they manipulate their currencies.

Speaking about China in an interview with CNN in January Trump had said: They're manipulating their currency. Intellectual property rights and everything else are a joke over there. They're making stuff that you see being sold all the time on Fifth Avenue, copying various, you know, whether it's Chanel or whatever it may be, the brands, and just selling it ad - ad nauseum. I mean this is a country that is ripping off the United States like nobody other than OPEC has ever done before.


On his dealings with Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Trump in an interview with Fox News said he screwed Gaddafi over a land deal. In an interview with CNN Trump detailed as to how he will deal with Gaddafi: The first thing I'd do with Gadhafi is I'd go to the Arab league and I'd say, 'we'll do things...we'll do plenty of things but you're going to pay us for it. He further said: We're not going to send our missiles out at a million and a half dollars per missile, we're not going to spend $500 million dollars on getting rid off Gadhafi and then you guys go home to your 747s.

Speaking on his intelligent dealing with Gaddafi, he said: I leased him a piece of land for his tent. He paid me more than I'd get in a whole year. And then, eh, he wasn't able to use the piece of land. So people would say did I take advantage, did I-so I got, in one night, more money than I would've gotten all year for this piece of land up in Westchester and then, didn't let him use it. That's called being intelligent.

South Korea:

Speaking on Good Morning America about out-sourcing, Trump said: Does anybody make television in the United States? You know what the answer was. We can't find anybody. They're all from China, from Japan, from South Korea. And I said to 'em, because I bought thousands of them.

And then we defend South Korea? Listen, George. And then we send the -- the great aircraft carrier George Washington, and destroyers to defend South Korea. They don't pay us? They don't pay us for it. We send all these ships, hundreds of millions of dollars to protect South Korea from North Korea. We have thou -- you know, we have what? 20,000-25,000 soldiers over there. They don't even pay us for this.


New York Post reported that recently Trump was in the former Soviet republic of Georgia where he announced his plans to build a luxury hotel and resort. Trump appeared with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and in a press conference said: In terms of foreign relations I think this is really a great start because this is a country [Georgia] with amazing leadership. I'm dealing with one of the great leaders of the world, Trump said. I understand how the world works. I deal with the world.

The statements certainly underscore Trump's worldview and if Trump - ever - reaches the goal of becoming the President of U.S., he will certainly usher in the days of cowboy diplomacy back in White House.