Dora of Dora The Explorer is known for teaching kids new words. For one mother in South London, the word Dora happened to be teaching her seven-year-old daughter was sex.

Joanna Greene, 26, bought her daughter a Dora the Explorer doll that is supposed to say 10 phrases. One of the phrases coming from the doll is Let's play sex! Needless to say, Greene's daughter has picked up the phrase and began repeating it.

I asked her, 'Where did you learn that? The Sun reports Greene said. She said, 'I learnt it from Dora.' It's disgusting. Kids playing with this copy what they hear. We had friends around and their kids aged three and four started saying it.

The doll has been renamed Dora the Sexplorer in the media, prompting it's maker, Fisher Price, to investigate the toy. According to the toy company though, Dora is actually saying Let's play fetch with perrito. In Spanish, the word perrito means little dog.

This isn't the first time that Dora has gotten into some trouble. Last February a Queens mother was shocked to find that the DVD she bought, Nickelodeon All-Star Sports Day featuring Diego from Dora the Explorer, actually contained an X-rated hardcore porn DVD. According to WPIX, when the Candice Connor's son put the movie in, a porn film entitled Bubble Butt Bonanza No. 17 came on their TV screen. Connor had bought the DVD shrink-wrapped in plastic at a Toys 'R Us.

Take a look at the video to determine if you think Dora the Explorer is actually saying Let's play sex!