As technology is disrupting the healthcare industry, physicians are largely investing in companies, much before they touch the public stock markets. Financial investments in healthcare by physicians promise improvement in public health and well-being from a different tangent. New York-based internal medicine physician, Dr. Ari Bernstein, MD, is a member of the medical advisory board as well as an investor in Fruit Street Health, a telemedicine platform. The company provides a CDC-endorsed diabetes prevention program via telehealth and is also helping combat the COVID-19 pandemic via its other arm CovidMD.

Dr. Ari Bernstein invests in Fruit Street Health Dr. Ari Bernstein invests in Fruit Street Health Photo: Dr. Ari Bernstein

Dr. Ari Bernstein is a leading medical expert based out of New York. In a virtual event, the doctor turned entrepreneur shared that he aims to improve and change the way healthcare is provided, and prevention is viewed. “Telemedicine has gained wide-spread popularity and acceptance in recent years, especially now, when the whole world is engulfed in the coronavirus pandemic. To avoid unnecessary visits to healthcare facilities, diabetic patients or those symptomatic of COVID-19 can get in touch with medical experts via telehealth. My motive to invest and take a leap into entrepreneurship resonated with Fruit Street Health’s vision to advance the condition of the current healthcare system in order to deliver outstanding patient care.”

As a medical expert and investor, he suggested that physicians considering the idea of exploring healthcare startups must weigh in the risks, stay realistic about the outcome, and explore potential legal concerns before diving into the industry of entrepreneurship. “It’s fair to call oneself a healthcare entrepreneur only when he or she has found a viable solution to a deep-rooted problem,” he concluded.