Turning 30 years old is a major milestone in any adult’s life. It’s a point where people typically know who they are and are comfortable in their skin thanks to their many accomplishments. One person who has accomplished plenty is rapper Drake. The “Sneakin” artist turned 30 years old Monday and has plenty to celebrate. Not only is he a Grammy Award winning artist, but he has also acquired an extensive net worth during his career.

Drake is reportedly worth $101 million, thanks to his successful album sales, concert tours, endorsements, music sales and investments, Money Nation reported. In all, Drake has earned a total of $181 million in his lifetime, however, the government took a huge cut of that. The rapper has paid roughly $77 million in taxes.

A chunk of Drake’s net worth comes from his successful tours, which have raked in $109 million. His collaborations and endorsement deals with the likes of whiskey Virginia Black and Apple Music are estimated to add an additional $30 million to his fortune, while music sales add on another $24 million. He reportedly spends about $13 million on living expenses.

Although his initial goal was to have a net worth of $250 million by the time he was 29 years old, there is no doubt that the rapper will continue to work hard and add to his already growing net worth. “Every year, we just want to get more prepared and better at touring and better at things that make money,”Drake told Forbes in 2013.

On Sunday, Drake released four new songs during his Apple Music OVO Sound Radio show, Rolling Stone reported. Three of the records are expected to appear on his new project “More Life,” which is scheduled for a December release.