Drogba and Luiz take in the Raptors-Nets game
The Chelsea stars seem to enjoy themselves at O2 Arena Reuters

It wasn't the Lakers playing the Celtics, but the National Basketball Association had its first-ever regular-season game in Southeast London at O2 Arena, on Friday night.

The Raptors and the Nets are having poor seasons, but both teams played a spirited match.

Chelsea stars Didier Drogba and David Luiz sat together and enjoyed the match. Drogba, in particular, has a fondness for shooting hoops.

Basketball has helped me become the striker I am today, Drogba said to The Daily Mail in 2009. I used to play a lot when I was younger.

Both the Raptors and the Nets expressed their appreciation for the atmosphere and energy of the London crowd.

The two teams play Saturday at O2 Arena at 20:00 GMT/3:00 EST.

Chelsea visit Blackpool on Monday.