In a video uploaded on YouTube Friday, three intoxicated American tourists are seen brawling inside a McDonald’s outlet in Shenzhen, China.

The video starts off with a man, probably in his 50s wearing a dark blue shirt and grey shorts abusing a younger man. “Do you wanna be a b----,” he was heard saying to the younger man in black short and white shorts, who held up his hands and said, “There's no need to show off, we're not trying to fight.”

Then, as the younger man tried to gently push the older man away, the latter grabbed his arm and twisted it before getting hold of his ear and collar and slamming him against the wall. At this point, the younger man punches his attacker in the face so hard that it knocks off his glasses. He then proceeds to push him down on the ground and punch him repeatedly in the side of his neck.

Meanwhile, two people — a friend each of the fighting parties — were seen smiling and hugging in the backdrop.

McDonald's Three intoxicated American tourists are seen brawling inside a McDonald’s outlet in Shenzhen, China. In this photo, people walk past a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Beijing on Jan. 9, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/ FRED DUFOUR

After a while, the younger man is pulled off by his peer, which allows the older man — who was then red in the face — to get up from his crouching position. However, in the very next moment, the friend of the older man, dressed in a dark salmon-colored shirt and grey shorts, gets the first young man in a chokehold and the latter struggles to free himself.

Swearing heavily, the second older man starts swinging at both the young men. At one point, both the young men move in opposite direction causing the second older man to charge and bang his head on a self-service machine.

After the second older man plants his head between the legs of the first young man, the latter calls out to his friend for help, saying, “Steve… Steve, its two versus one.”

At this point, the second young man steps in between his friend and the two older men to establish peace, announcing, “I have chicken.”

Even in attempting to cool things off, the men involved appear to slur their words, suggesting that all of them were drunk.