• Duterte suggested Robredo should buy swimsuits for the typhoon 
  • The Philippine president also warned the VP not to start a quarrel with him
  • VP Robredo called President Duterte a "mysoginist"

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte came under fire after he made misogynistic remarks about Vice President Leni Robredo over her typhoon response. 

During his weekly televised address on Tuesday, Duterte began his speech by calling Robredo “dishonest” and “incapable of truth” after she allegedly claimed he was nowhere to be found during the onslaught of Typhoon Vamco, which brought massive flooding to Luzon and killed at least 69 people, Rappler reported.

“I would like to give a caution to the vice president. She made a blunder, a big one, and she practically lied, making her incapable of truth,” Duterte said without proof.

Iyong pakana niya na wala ako noong bagyo (her claims that I was not around during the typhoon), I was here. I was attending the ASEAN Summit.”

The president also claimed Robredo didn't make any effort to help the victims of the typhoon. Duterte later warned her “not to start a quarrel” with him, Inquirer reported. He also made lewd remarks about the vice president.

"You, at night, what time do you go home? Do you go home to just one house, or two? I'm just asking. You're with congressman. In which house do you stay longer?" Duterte said in Filipino, as translated by Rappler.

The Philippine president also suggested that Robredo should “buy swimsuits” so she could start swimming when the typhoon floodwaters come. 

Robredo, however, denied all of Duterte's allegations and slammed him for making lewd comments, calling him a "misogynist.”

“When a President is a mysoginist, the conversation goes down to this level," Robredo said.

In the same tweet, Robredo noted she's been spending her nights packing relief for those affected by the typhoon.

"This is what we have been doing night after night. We've been staying up late for weeks so we can provide aid to those who need it."

She also noted that sending relief isn't a competition, and the the government should be united in helping out all those affected.

"In times of huge disasters, everyone who offers help should be welcome. This is not a contest. We are not in a race. All of us should help each other for our countrymen," she said as translated by Rappler. 

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has denied involvement in the Congress decision to strip ABS-CBN's application for a new franchise Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has denied involvement in the Congress decision to strip ABS-CBN's application for a new franchise Photo: Philippines' Presidential Photographers Division (PPD) / Handout

The hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo (Where is the president) trended on various social media platforms the day the typhoon hit the country. The Duterte administration claimed the Liberal Party had started the hashtag. However, the other party denied the allegations. 

Vice President Robredo also fired back at Secretary Salvador Panelo after Duterte’s chief presidential legal counsel claimed she began the trend.

“I just called out Sec Panelo for peddling fake news. I am also calling out whoever peddled the fake news to the President, kaya ganito siya ka pikon (that's why he's this irate). I never said 'Where is the President'?  You can review all my tweets,” Robredo said. 

Typhoon Vamco slammed the Philippines on the evening of Nov. 11, leaving a death toll of nearly 70 people. The intense winds and rainstorms knocked out power in Manila, the country’s capital. It also caused severe flooding in large parts of the northern island of Luzon, forcing thousands of residents to scramble to their rooftops, Vice reported.