Articles by Danielle Ong
US President Donald Trump attacks his FBI director for calling out Russia, not China, as the main threat to the election

Trump May Face Tax Fraud Investigation

A court filing on Monday suggested that the Manhattan district attorney's office had grounds to launch a tax and insurance fraud investigation on President Donald Trump and his businesses.
US President Donald Trump is celebrating his nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize -- but that doesn't mean he'll win

Is Trump the World's Fastest Reader?

President Trump claims he finished reading a 480-page book during his three and a half hour flight from Arizona to Washington, D.C. on Monday night.


Brittany Tilander is a nanny by day and a humorist and stand-up comic by night, using TikTok to make up for her inability, during the pandemic, to perform in person

TikTok Will Survive Donald Trump, US Users Say

In early August, the president signed an executive order to force China's ByteDance group to sell or spin off the platform to an American company in the name of an alleged threat to "national...