Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard averaged 17.1 points, 12.4 rebounds and 2.4 blocks per game in the 2012-2013 NBA season. ballerstatus.com

Dwight Howard, the all-star center, was traded to the Los Angeles Lakes from the Orlando Magic on Friday.

The process of the Lakers acquiring Howard has been drawn-out, but the NBA finally approved the deal after four teams, 12 players and five drafts picks, The AP said.

Now that the Magic's coach, Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith have been fired, the Magic will be having an entirely new team now that Howard is no longer playing with them.

It's not the first time the Magic have watched one of their all-star players sign with another team. In 1996, Shaquille O'Neal signed with the Lakers as a free agent.

''Well, it looks like Superman has found a home,'' Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said of Howard on his Facebook page.

''A primary goal for our basketball team is to achieve sustainability while maintaining a long-term vision. We feel this deal puts us in a position to begin building in that direction,'' Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said.

The team may have lost Howard but they are also getting guard Arron Affalo from Denver, forward Al Harrington from Denver, and center Nikola Vucevic from Philadelphia in addition to five drafts picks over the next five years, the AP reported.

''In addition to the six players joining our team, we will be in a position to maximize our salary cap flexibility in the near future, as well as utilize the multiple draft picks we have acquired going forward,'' he said.

But Kobe Bryant is looking forward to bringing back a title to LA with the addition of Howard.

''I wish nothing but the best for Big Bynum.'I hope he follows what was a great season last year with an even better one next year," Bryant wrote.

"I know LA is excited about the deal and rightfully so. The Lakers landed a piece that will hopefully carry the franchise long after I'm gone. I have spoken to Dwight Howard already and we are locked and loaded to bring back the title.''