Thursday night’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field was marred by a massive fight that allegedly resulted in the ejection of three rows of fans.

At some point during the third quarter of the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, a fight broke out between several Eagles fans, Deadspin reports. The five-minute brawl, which appeared to involve several women, allegedly encompassed three full rows of fans, all of whom were reportedly ejected from Lincoln Financial Field.

While the reasons behind the Eagles fan brawl aren't yet clear, videos of the fight show that the crowd seemed much more interested in watching the disturbance than the actual Eagles-Chiefs football game. In fact, nearby fans had an audible reaction to the fight, yelling “ohhh!” as beer was thrown, people were pushed, and security rushed to the scene.

According to Deadspin, the fight took place just below Lincoln Financial Field’s press box, which allowed several beat reporters to capture photos and videos of the brawl. SB Nation managed to compile a list of tweets from these beat reporters, which can be viewed here.

“An epic 5 minute brawl just happened right in front of the press box. As I was saying, MOST #Eagles fans are normal,” Sports On Earth writer Michael Tanier tweeted. “Pretty good fight broke out in front of the press box, in the upper deck. Several guys involved. Better than the game at the moment,” Sports Illustrated writer Don Banks said.

The reporters’ tweets also provided details on the fight itself. CSN reporter John Gonzalez noted that a woman had been throwing punches at the center of the fracas. “Some of biggest shots were landed by a girl in a Westbrook jersey. Also several guys got stomped. Sorry. No video or pics for those asking,” he said.

Although security was slow to arrive on the scene, they quickly restored order. Eventually, all three rows of fans who were involved in the fight were forced to leave the stadium.

Barstool Philly obtained a video of the Eagles fan brawl, which can be viewed below.