Nigerian Health Commissioner Jide Idris speaks out about the Ebola virus on July 28, 2014 REUTERS/Akintunde Akinleye

Nigerian authorities in Lagos say Africa’s most populous city has eight suspected cases of Ebola after a Liberian-American man fell ill and died there three weeks ago, Reuters reported Tuesday.

UPDATE 1:35 PM EDT: The Ebola test for the Ohio woman came back negative, NBC 4 says.

UPDATE 12:36 PM EDT: A woman in Columbus, Ohio is being tested for Ebola after returning from West Africa.


One doctor who treated that patient, Patrick Sawyer, is confirmed to be infected with Ebola. Nigerian health officials quickly quarantined Sawyer, but they suspect as many as 30,000 people may have come in contact with him. Officials are directly monitoring 70 people and have quarantined an additional six, but none are showing signs of the deadly virus.

The World Health Organization said Monday the total global death toll rose to 887 from 729 last Sunday.