By now, we're all well aware of the Cornell campus that's set to be constructed on Roosevelt Island. The project will create 20,000 construction jobs, 8,000 permanent jobs in campus operations and will create 30,000 permanent jobs with the technology sector.

And there may be more campuses on the way.

A city official said the Economic Development Corporation remained hopeful about creating another partnership according to DNA Info. If the new plans go through, the EDC could be making an announcement in the coming weeks.

Carnegie Mellon, Steiner Studios Eye the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Carnegie Mellon and the television and movie production facility Steiner Studios are expected to be part of the upcoming announcement. Carnegie Mellon and Steiner Studios hope to turn the Brooklyn Navy Yard into a 60-acre center with 30 sound stages that would be built over 10 - 12 yars.

The people at Steiner Studios appear to be intent on making the deal happen no matter what. Whether or not we proceed with the [Economic Development corporation], we're determined. It may be outside of the EDC process, chairman of Steiner Studios, Doug Steiner, told DNA Info.

The Carnegie Mellon campus would be used as a specialized program that allows students to gain experience working in a studio lot. The Steiner Studios Chairman also mentioned the possibility of placing a Carnegie Mellon drama school outpost in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

New York University Intent on Purchasing 370 Jay St. from MTA

The other possible tech campus isn't far from the Brooklyn Navy Yards. In Downtown Brooklyn, at 370 Jay Street, a large, mostly-empty city-owned building that's currently been leased to the MTA is being eyed by New York University.

NYU would like to build the Center for Urban Science and Progress, and the business community in downtown Brooklyn would also like help refurbishing the eyesore in the middle of downtown. We welcome NYU's expansion in Brooklyn, said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz in an interview with DNA Info.

Much like the determination between Steiner Studios and Carnegie Mellon, the business community and NYU are determined to make a deal even if they don't have the support of the EDC. The project would be a partnership between NYU, Carnegie Mellon, CUNY, the University of Toronto, the University of Warwick and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as well as several corporate sponsorships such as tech giants IBM and Cisco.

NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress would host a program on how cities can improve energy efficiency, reduce congestion and pollution, enhance security and inform the citizens in a more effective manner. Business leaders in the area have already seen an influx of technology companies in Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO, and they believe the campus could be a catalyst for luring a critical mass of engineers and developers into the area.

Columbia Builds in Manhattanville

The final possibility is a project created by Columbia called the Institute for Data and Engineering in Manhattanville. Columbia is already building a $6 billion campus in the area. The 17-acre site that the university is constructing can be seen in detail on the development website that Columbia has created.

Much like the other campuses, the new center from Columbia would be expected to grow jobs significantly over the next twenty ears and encourage collaboration between entrepreneurs, educational institutes, large companies and more. The influx of investment in the area is expected to significantly affect business in the surrounding area.