Edward Neary, on Facebook, claimed he was responsible for beating two Rangers fans on Monday after the NHL Winter Classic game in Philadelphia.

It was me and friends do something about it, posted Edward Neary using his Facebook account on the Facebook page of SB Nation's Broad Street Hockey.

Neary also wrote how dumb do I look knocking someone out pretty sure they look dumb eatin concrete.

Neary later changed his claim and blamed his friends, who he identified by their names, and claimed the Ranger fans picked the fight, according to Fox News. He singled out his friend Steven Michael McCloskey as the one who started it, according to AOL Sporting News.

Below is a screen grab of one of Neary's comments and Facebook profile (before he changed it). For more screenshots, click on this page from broadstreethockey.com.

Broad Street Hockey said it has alerted Philadelphia police of Neary's actions on its Facebook page.

After being beaten, one of the Rangers fans - identified by the New York Daily News as Neal Auricchio - is reportedly a New Jersey police officer who earned a Purple Heart while serving in Iraq.

He suffered a swollen eye and concussion and had to receive stitches, according to the Daily News. He has since been released from the hospital.

Ed Neary is a...disgrace to real Flyer fans! wrote Jimmy Vegas Hatzidis on Broad Street Hockey's Facebook page.

I commend Broad Street Hockey for doing what is right for justice. You get thumbs up from me. Nice Job! wrote Randy Weidner.