• The Jar Cannon is found in Volcano Cave at Mt. Gelmir
  • This weapon does not scale off any stats
  • The Jar Cannon uses Greatbolts and Ballista Bolts as ammunition

As its name implies, the Jar Cannon is a comically large, portable projectile launcher in “Elden Ring” that can be acquired a bit later in the game.

Despite its appearance, this weapon is counted as a ballista-type weapon. It uses ballista bolts as its ammunition, but it launches each bolt using an explosive reaction instead of string-drawn force. This weapon does not scale off of any stats, but it does require 34 STR and 12 DEX to wield.

The Jar Cannon drops from Demi-Human Queen Margot at the Volcano Cave dungeon in Mt. Gelmir. Players merely need to defeat the boss to get the weapon.

To get to Volcano Cave, travel to the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace (near the Fallingstar Beast boss) and cross the rope bridge. Follow the path north and pass through the crags to find the cave entrance.

The Jar Cannon can be obtained in side the Volcano Cave - Mt. Gelmir
The Jar Cannon can be obtained in side the Volcano Cave - Mt. Gelmir Elden Ring

Take note that the cave is dark and full of demi-humans. Bring a light source like a handheld torch or the lanterns that can be purchased from merchants in the Weeping Peninsula and Liurnia of the Lakes. The cave itself is relatively small, however, and players can simply sprint straight to the boss room.

Margot fights much like the other demi-human queens in other dungeons and the overworld. Players need to watch out for her shotgun blast attack that sends clusters of projectiles at targets, as this can potentially result in a one-hit kill. Defeat her and the Jar Cannon will automatically be acquired as a reward.

Although the Jar Cannon does not scale based on any stats, players can still upgrade the weapon to make it deal more damage. Additionally, it can be loaded with either Explosive Greatbolts or Lightning Greatbolts to make it deal more damage based on whatever the situation requires. Take note that this weapon cannot use ordinary crossbow bolts as ammunition.

Like the Hand Ballista, the Jar Cannon needs two hands to fire. This may make using it a bit awkward unless players are making heavy use of Spirit Ash summons or are playing in co-op. The weapon’s lengthy reload time and predictable attacks make it less than ideal in PvP, but it can be very fun to use in certain situations.