• The Bolt of Gransax is located inside Leyndell, the Royal Capital
  • Players must beat the first boss in the area before getting access to the weapon
  • The spear can be found on the shaft of the great dragon's weapon

The Bolt of Gransax is cozily tucked away in the royal capital city of Leyndell in the Altus Plateau in “Elden Ring.” Unlike most of the other legendary armaments, players will only need to pick this up, though this can only be done after beating one of the area’s bosses.

This legendary weapon can be found resting on the great dragon Gransax’s own spear. The dragon and its coiled spear can be spotted as soon as players enter Leyndell, but getting to the weapon’s location may take a while.

First, players must reach the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace in Leyndell by progressing through the majority of the main area. This site can be reached by going to the West Capital Rampart grace then going along the large tree branch. Multiple enemies will be on the branch, so try not to dodge too much to avoid falling.

Before the Erdtree Sanctuary grace can be opened, players will have to fight the golden phantom of Elden Lord Godfrey first. This fight can be skipped by going around the sanctuary and through a precarious path, but it’s much simpler to just beat Godfrey instead.

After beating the boss, take the elevator west and go down to the area with the two Perfumers and the Crucible Knight. Beat all of them, then go toward the large coiled spear.

Bolt of Gransax can be found in this portion of Leyndell in Elden Ring
Bolt of Gransax can be found in this portion of Leyndell in Elden Ring Elden Ring

There should be a ledge near the spear. Drop down onto this ledge, then follow the path towards the spear itself. The Bolt of Gransax should be visible as an item with a golden beam of light.

This weapon comes with the unique Ancient Lightning Spear Ash of War, which is similar to the normal Lightning Spear but stronger and red in color. More importantly, this weapon requires no FAI or INT, which means players won’t have to invest in those stats in order to use an otherwise Faith-reliant ability.

The Bolt of Gransax requires 20 STR and 40 DEX to wield properly. It’s also a very good candidate for DEX-heavy builds as its innate Lightning damage scales heavily off of dexterity. Unfortunately, Ancient Lightning Spear does not scale with Faith.