Elon Musk keeps mistakenly firing Twitter employees, so human resources have created an internal, "accidental termination" policy to rehire them quickly.

Twitter's internal management system runs on Workday software, which allows managers and others with hiring permission to select an "accidental termination" label when re-onboarding fired employees into the system.

Since Musk took over Twitter a month ago, the frequency of terminations and resignations has run into the thousands. The new HR "accidental termination" designation was created for employees unintentionally caught up in layoffs, resignations, and sudden dismissals, reported Business Insider.

A move by Elon Musk to stop enforcing a Twitter policy against Covid falsehoods feeds into fears that misinformation will flourish on the platform.

Musk's most recent bout of firings came late last Wednesday, when engineers were informed they were being laid off for performance reasons.

Musk did announce in an all-company meeting earlier this week that there would be no more layoffs and that new hiring will include "world-class software aces."

The current Twitter termination process includes blocking digital access from work tools such as Slack, and a notice of termination sent to affected employees' email accounts.

HR's use of Workday's "accidental termination" feature means that some full-time and contract employees must be re-onboarded to company systems, as "if they were new hires to regain access to [work] tools," people familiar with the situation told Business Insider. "It's still chaos," one employee said about operations.