While the majority of 14-year-old’s in the United States in the month of June are making the transition from middle school to high school, things for Eugenie de Silva have moved at a bit of a quicker pace.

De Silva, a 14-year-old genius from Harrogate, Tenn., graduated high school three years ago, and in a matter of weeks she'll be walking at her college graduation ceremony from American Military University.

With no plans to slow down any time soon, de Silva and her father, a professor of physics and chemistry at Walters State Community College, are moving to Boston so she can focus on her master's in legal studies at Harvard.

"I would probably be in eighth grade, but I'm currently doing master's level work at Harvard University," de Silva told Fox43.

De Silva’s gift was noticed at a young age by her father who nurtured her education.

"Before she could write, she could type," Dr. Eugene de Silva told Fox43. "I recognized her talent at an early age and began teaching her subjects."

Eugenie has never made below an "A" grade, and she has also published a book with her dad.

But despite her accomplishments and ambitious goals of one day becoming an intelligence agent for the U.S. government and eventually the Secretary of Defense, she still makes time to be a teenager. She and her father go to the movies every weekend. Eugenie also plays soccer and the piano, which she taught herself to play.

"She likes to play pranks," Dr. de Silva said, laughing.

Still, she's very serious about her studies. She plans to get a second master's, a doctorate and a law degree before she's finished with school.