The eurozone's economic recovery will likely take longer than had previously been anticipated. Reuters

The Eurozone crisis, which has intensified since early 2010, shows no signs of abating and has put several member countries on the brink of default.

The most affected members include Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal as these governments are reeling under budget deficits and high debt levels. In fact, Greece, Ireland and Portugal, collectively, account for six percent of the Eurozone's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Check out the following briefs about each country's debt web:

Greece: The country is heavily indebted to other Eurozone countries and fears of its problems spreading exists, as the repercussions of the Greek economy will be felt in more mature economies such as Italy. The country owes about $0.5 trillion in foreign debt. The country owes $56 billion to France, $21.5 billion to Japan, $12.7 billion to UK, $10 billion to Portugal and $3.8 billion to Italy.

Ireland: Ireland is one of three Eurozone economies to have received a bailout. It has a foreign debt of $2.3 trillion, with the UK lending $141.7 billion and Germany shelling out $111 billion. In addition, the country owes $54 billion to the U.S. and $32.2 billion to France.

Italy: Italy's is a much bigger economy compared to Greece and Portugal. However, doubts over leadership coupled with high debt levels have cast a shadow on the country's economy. Out of a $2.7 trillion foreign debt, Italy owes $419 billion and $162.7 billion to France and Germany, respectively. Meanwhile, the UK gave $74.1 billion and U.S. lent $47.2 billion. Italy owes a further $40 billion to Spain and $44.9 billion to Japan.

Spain: Spain, which has a foreign debt of $2.5 trillion, is on the brink of recession. Germany is most exposed to Spain's debt with $178.6 billion of its money lying in that country. France also has heavy exposure to Spain as it lent $151.9 billion along with the UK, which gave $101.5 billion. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Japan lent $67.28 billion and $27 billion, respectively, to Spain.

Portugal: Portugal's foreign debt stands at $0.54 trillion. The country owes $89.1 billion to Spain, $36 billion to Germany and $25.9 billion to France.

Note: All data related to foreign debt has been taken from the latest World Bank/IMF figures and are approximate values.