Former Japanese Princess Mako Komuro, who gave up her royal status for love to marry a “commoner,” officially left Japan for the U.S. with her husband on Sunday.

Japanese broadcasters recorded the departure of the married couple from Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Cameras show them boarding the plane as many try to capture her farewell.

Komuro and her husband Kei Komuro, who is a graduate of Fordham University law school and works at a New York law firm, arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Komuro has not passed the bar exam yet which has made Japanese pundits question their marriage. The royals in Japan have no authority but some feel they have a say in their choices because of the taxes they pay to support them.

Japanese royals have left their status in the past to marry a commoner but the Komuro’s marriage has gained attention on social media due to some wondering if the former princess will have to support her husband.

The couple has been open about their commitment to their relationship.

“He is someone I cannot do without,” Komuro said when speaking of her husband when they announced their marriage a month ago. “Marriage is that decision needed for us to live on, staying true to our hearts.”