• Freddie Freeman's ex-handler sues a Fox Sports commentator for libel
  • The said pundit was given a chance to retract but opted not to
  • Freeman prefers to stay away from a lawsuit involving his former agent

Five-time All-Star Freddie Freeman made headlines recently following a revelation that involved his now-former agent Casey Close.

The bombshell rocked the MLB world, particularly after it was revealed by the player to Fox Sports radio personality Doug Gottlieb that an alleged final offer was made by the Atlanta Braves during free agency before the 2020 NL MVP ended up getting shipped to the Los Angeles Dodgers this year.

This was posted on Twitter by Gotlieb.

Not long after, Excel Sports Management rebuked the claim and is now suing the radio commentator for damaging the reputation of Close and the agency by “falsely and recklessly” publicizing the information on social media.

“In truth, every offer from the Atlanta Braves, as well as every material communication with them, was disclosed by [Excel and Close] to Freeman,” part of the lawsuit read in a report by the Los Angeles Times.

“Although we gave Mr. Gottlieb an opportunity to retract his false statement, he failed to do so,” Close said in his own statement. “The complaint sets the record straight as to what occurred during the negotiations with the Atlanta Braves.”

After firing Close, Freeman is now representing himself.

When asked to comment on the ongoing lawsuit, the 2021 World Series champion preferred to stay away from the issue.

“I don’t see this as a situation about me,” Freeman said. “This is between Excel and Doug.”

Close allegedly engaged in a negotiation with the Braves for Freeman's extension starting the spring of 2021, which was before the final year of the current deal that the aforementioned athlete had with the ballclub.

In March of that year, the Braves allegedly dangled a five-year $110 million offer to Freeman. However, it was thumbed down by the 32-year-old first baseman.

After that, Atlanta allegedly submitted two more offers in August, the first for five years and $125 million, and then for five years and $135 million.

Still, Freeman rejected both.

It was not mentioned if other offers were made after that. But in the end, the Braves ended up trading Freeman to the Oakland Athletics for Matt Olson.

Although he ended up with the Dodgers on a six-year, $162 million deal, Freeman said at a press conference that he believed there was still a chance he would have still been with the Braves.

Freddie Freeman
The Atlanta Braves could trade a few of their top players this offseason. Getty