• A former NFL star and MLB legend agree that Charles Barkley's delayed coronavirus test results prove something else is going on
  • Former NFL star said Barkley should have revealed his coronavirus test results days earlier
  • Another former NBA player tested positive for coronavirus

A former NFL Star and MLB legend both speculate that something might be going on with Charles Barkley’s apparently delayed coronavirus test results.

The coronavirus has been drastically causing deaths around the world. The deadly virus has become a global threat and even famous personalities cannot completely protect themselves from it. Tom Hanks was one of the celebrities who tested positive for coronavirus, and NBA legend and analyst Barkley has also decided to have himself tested as well.

It was just revealed this week that Barkley tested negative for the virus. However, ex-NFL star Larry Johnson, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins, expressed his thoughts about the matter on his social media account. Johnson has been quite known recently for making bold accusations and bizarre theories about sports personalities on social media. And once again, he came up with another by mentioning Barkley in one of his latest posts.

Johnson posted a screenshot of a post from Chris Rizzoli, who stated that high-profile people like Hanks are saying they have “COVID-19” to cover up for the fact that they have been indulging in pedophilia activities. The post also mentions other famous personalities like Celion Dion, Madonna and Barkley.

Johnson mentioned that Barkley stated he got tested for coronavirus, but much like everybody else, he is still waiting for the results.

According to Johnson, Barkley “was supposed to give the results to his Covid-19 test 4 days ago.” And since it was a bit delayed, Johnson speculates that something may be up and challenged “Sir Charles” to “post the results or say something” about it.

Shockingly, another former professional athlete supported Johnson’s theory. Former pro baseball center fielder and MLB legend Lenny Dykstra also thinks there’s something shady going on amid this coronavirus pandemic.

Among all American leagues, the NBA has been hit particularly hard with players and people surrounding the team testing positive for the coronavirus. Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was the first and just recently, Jason Collins, a 13-year NBA veteran who last played in 2014, announced Tuesday that he has tested positive for the coronavirus as well.

Collins is most known as the first active NBA player to ever come out as homosexual. The 41-year-old stated he is at home resting but is still dealing with chest tightness. He also encouraged people to practice social distancing while thanking healthcare workers.

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