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As pharmaceutical companies formulate and experiment on solutions to inflammatory diseases, exosome delivery has become a major therapy for comforting those with central nervous system - including epilepsy. Exosomes have become a major medical focus in recent years, especially regarding the development of new pharmaceutical and medical products. Exosomes are in all tissues and bodily fluids; they are defined as small particles of fat created with stem cells and usually other medicinal ingredients, such as cannabinol (CBD) and magnesium.

Today, there are thousands of companies competing to enter the growing American and European exosome market. Many have already received governmental approvals to release products and are currently enhancing their investment before officially going into business. In this rising industry of exosome medicine, these are the companies leading the way to commercialization.

Israeli biotechnology start-up Innocan Pharma (INNO) is utilizing the corrective medical strength of magnesium, CBD ingredients, and other healing materials with the exosome delivery system to target inflammation and other central nervous system issues (including epilepsy). Unlike many start-up companies, Innocan comes into their field with large amounts of experiences and expertise, especially in management. The company is managed by CEO Iris Bincovich and featured former CEO of Teva (Israel) Ron Meron, and prominent BioTech entrepreneur Yoram Druker.

In recent years, Innocan has developed very strategic collaborations, including with Israel’s top universities – Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University. In partnership with Tel Aviv University’s technology transference company Ramot, Innocan Pharma is developing a game-changing innovation to target the coronavirus as well as other lung inflammation.

Innocan is leading in producing commercialized results with new exosome developments. The company has gained the approvals of Food and Drug Administrations in the United States and Europe. These approvals were gained during the coronavirus era and are already making significant gains. Innocan’s Relief & Go Spray is just one of the successfully received products in the West, though they are not combining exosomes by CBDs. Though, the company’s expansion in OTC (over-the-counter) fields is a key factor to expediting the process of exosome delivery-based commercialization in the future.

Another major player in the developing field is Codiak Biosciences. The company is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city of Harvard University, and is engineering exosome technology with a focus on cancer treatment.

Codiak’s November data report spoke about their product’s ability to integrate anti-tumor immunity through the delivery system’s targeted cell therapy. The company’s leading products have been developed and engineered through their engEx Platform. According to Douglas Williams, CEO of Codiak, “These data provide further in vivo evidence that we can effectively harness the inherent biology of exosomes to improve the therapeutic window for selectively delivering potent drug molecules to engage promising targets that have eluded other approaches.”

Codiak is charging towards commercialization via several pre-clinical trials and discovery-based programs in order to develop independently and build strategic partnerships. One of these cooperative activities is with Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc., the company responsible for designing Codiak’s clinically research gene therapy into a commercialized product ready for the Western market, an advancement that creates major funding opportunities for Codiak. These opportunities include research grants, licensing deals, and sales royalties.

Evox Therapeutics Limited, a British company back by Oxford University, the home of the Nobel Prize - Karolinska Institute, and several significant investment groups. The company has focuses on developing exosomes which will deliver gene therapy for those with new diseases as well as modal treatments.

Evox's premier exosome product is called DeliverEXTM. The proprietary technology allows exosomes to be improved in order to target organs in need. Evox's commercial drugs have the potential to address when the body is in need of protein, antibodies, and other acidic therapies. These solutions are reaching cells and tissues presently unreachable by many other players in the market.

Last month, Evox raised over $95 million dollars in order to enter the market, and in 2022 commercialize their initial rare-diseases programs. In the past five years, the company raised over $150 million.

Exosome-based commercialization is coming and those in need of relief, as well as potential investors, should pay attention. The products will utilize the intelligence delivery system to target areas of infection or discomfort that could be coming to your pharmacy soon. Watch for Innnocan Pharma, Codiak, and Evox Therapeutics, which are now leading the industry in breaking the chain of prescription medicine in order products with healing abilities from other ingredients.