The rains coming off Tropical Storm Humberto hit the Bahamas Saturday, with the region still reeling from the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian. 

Although Humberto has now left the Bahamas, weather experts have claimed that the system could become a hurricane by Sunday evening, with its waves hitting southeastern U.S. states such as Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas this week. It's unlikely that the system would hit land. 

The storm is off the East Coast of Florida as of 11:08 ET Sunday and is slowly moving north.

The Bahamas discontinued its tropical storm warning for Humberto on Saturday evening, with the system dropping rain across the islands. It was expected that Humberto could exacerbate the fragile humanitarian situation after Dorian hit the islands earlier this month, but the system only had a minor effect on the country.

Hurricane Dorian had killed at least 50 people, with 1,300 missing and thousands in need of food and shelter in the wake of the storm. 

Meteorologists are currently monitoring other weather systems, such as an upper-area level of low pressure in the eastern Gulf of Mexico that has caused showers and storms in the area. There is a slight chance it could become a tropical depression. 

There has also been a tropical wave spotted southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands in the central Atlantic Ocean, which could also become a tropical depression as it moves westward.