The F-35A Joint Strike Fighter is preparing to see its second round of combat for the second time this year. Men and women from the 388th, and 419 fighter Wings have redeployed to the Middle East, taking the F-35 into the theater again. Reports from the first deployment were terrific, and the aircraft lived up to the hype that has surrounded it.

The 4th Fighter Squadron returned to Utah just two weeks ago from a 6-month deployment to Al Dhafra in the United Arab Emirates, which was the very first combat deployment for the advanced stealth fighter that is projected to take the place of most other aging fighter aircraft in the U.S. military's inventory. The results from the first deployment were so encouraging that the USAF is cycling the airplanes and crews right back.

The F-35 can carry out a variety of missions in any theater of action. The first use of the F-35 proved to be successful to the U.S. military and its allies. Having the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world stationed in the area sends a message to everyone in the region. 

In the year 2020, we will see more of the stealth aircraft move into active-duty units, including naval units and the Marines. The USAF will also be transitioning a full squadron of the aircraft to Alaska by the end of the year.  An Air Force told International Business Times that the military's method of ramping up and inserting the aircraft into the service is a new process that has never been implemented before. So far, things are working out great.