• Lewis Hamilton assesses Red Bull ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix
  • Hamilton predicts Red Bull will have an advantage over Mercedes
  • The Mercedes superstar and Max Verstappen are tipped to dominate the remaining races of the season

Lewis Hamilton could be well aware of how things would possibly play out this weekend.

Red Bull is eyeing to complete three consecutive wins as the team races at home for the next back-to-back races of the season.

Ahead of the Styrian Grand Prix happening this weekend, Mercedes talisman Hamilton admitted that Red Bull Ring is a “power-hungry circuit.”

Red Bull could once again capitalize on the “straights,” having been the fastest on the said category at Paul Ricard.

"It's a power-hungry circuit, it's got those long long straights, so we could see something similar [to France] - obviously with the straight-line speed of the Red Bull," Hamilton told Sky Sports on Sunday.

Following his French GP win, Red Bull star driver Max Verstappen is now 12 points ahead of Hamilton in the standings.

Atop that, the next two races set to happen on Red Bull’s home track evidently give the Dutchman advantage over everybody else.

Despite the odds against Mercedes’ side, the seven-time world champion remains optimistic about being able to make vital “improvements” heading into the next race.

"But we've got three days to try and see if we can make any adjustments and improvements and maybe if we maximize absolutely everything maybe we can give them a run for their money," the Brit pointed out.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his Singapore Grand Prix victory on the podium a year ago with second-placed Max Verstappen (left) and third-placed Sebastian Vettel Lewis Hamilton Photo: AFP / Manan VATSYAYANA

It can be recalled that during the French GP, Mercedes had deemed a pit stop was needed with Hamilton leading the race.

However, Mercedes executive Toto Wolff later bared that the said decision marked the beginning of the team’s downfall.

“Our performance was good, I think we had the quicker car [than Red Bull],” Wolff reflected. “Probably we lost the race at the stop thinking that we had enough protection against the undercut which we didn’t. From then on we were on the back foot. We got it wrong on Sunday.”

Hamilton and Verstappen were both able to bounce back in France, having botched big opportunities in Baku prior.

For Formula One expert analyst Martin Brundle, the remaining races of the season will likely boil down between the aforementioned drivers in terms of overall competition.

“This is going to be a season of F1 racing that just keeps on giving,” Brundle wrote. “As we march through the practice sessions, qualifying phases, and races it seems to constantly boil down to Max Verstappen versus Lewis Hamilton, and therefore Red Bull versus Mercedes-Benz."

“We've been waiting for this through seven hybrid F1 seasons and it appears to be well worth the wait,” he added. “This is about speed, consistency, guile, racecraft, calculated risks, and delivering all day every day.”