The British government has approved 10 new nuclear power plant sites out of a previous 11 nominations. The new units could be built by 2025.

The rejected site was EDF's Dungeness nomination on the south coast of England.

Many of Europe's biggest utilities plan to build nuclear power plants in Britain, often in joint bids.

The approved sites announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change on Monday are:

Hartlepool in north east England, nominated by EDF Energy

Heysham in north west England, nominated by EDF Energy

Sellafield in north west England nominated by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

Kirksanton in Cumbria, north west England, nominated by RWE

Braystones in Cumbria, nominated by RWE

Wylfa Peninsula in Wales, nominated by the NDA and RWE

Oldbury in south west England nominated, by NDA and EON

Hinkley Point in south west England, nominated by EDF Energy

Bradwell, south east England, nominated by the NDA

Sizewell in Cumbria, nominated by EDF Energy

(Reporting by Kwok W. Wan; editing by Sue Thomas)