Fallout 4 Collector's Edition
The "Fallout 4" has new features that were not available in previous games. Above, the "Fallout 4" Pip-Boy Collector's Edition includes a real Pip-Boy replica that can hold a phone. Bethesda Softworks

Everything about “Fallout 4” has expanded in terms of the explorable world and the level of character customization and development. Developer Bethesda has given a few details on how this will work in the upcoming game.

The development of the character starts with the players having the freedom to choose special abilities. From there, leveling up becomes more complex as the character progresses, PC Gamer reported. However, this new kind of mechanic can serve as a strategy for the player because with the right choice and movement, a character will be able to maximize its strength as well as the game's perks.

This particular development and customization may even have no limits. Bethesda confirmed there are no level caps, so leveling up continuously and, in effect, endlessly, is a possibility.

Bethesda is also taking cues from fan feedback. Compared to how previous games like “Fallout 3” and “Fallout New Vegas” played, “Fallout 4” will no longer have a hard finish, since the game can be revisited. What this means is an endless exploration even after a game has initially ended, regardless of whether players have the pre-ended game saved.

The developer has yet to explain the mechanics of the no leveling limit as this is new to the franchise. How or if it will affect the balancing mechanics for “Fallout 4” remains to be seen.

The progression of the game isn’t the only thing that changed in “Fallout 4.” GameSpot was able to have a hands-on demo of “Fallout 4” at Gamescom and said the AI has improved greatly. As a shooting game, “Fallout 4” now also provides a smoother experience. Shooting enemies will actually reflect the damage visually, with body parts being shot off. In addition, the VATS will also no longer stop time, so battles are no longer limited.

“Fallout 4” is to launch Nov. 10. It will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

"Fallout 4" footage (Credit: YouTube/IGN)