Final Fantasy XV
A "Final Fantasy XV" trailer featuring a glimpse of events leading to new game's story has been released in Gamescom 2015. Square Enix

Over three minutes of backgrounder story for “Final Fantasy XV” was released for Gamescom 2015 via the latest gameplay trailer. This not only gave a glimpse of what’s to come with the title but also new questions on what the game’s focus will be.

The goal of Square Enix was to showcase the elements of the story that would build the background narrative behind “Final Fantasy XV.” The trailer is far from expository, however. There are suspense shots of a mysterious girl trying to escape from what appears to be abuse from a man. There’s also a very poignant focus and slow scene that shows Noctis in the arms of his father, who promises to always be by his son’s side.

Game Informer talked to “Final Fantasy XV” game director Hajime Tabata, who revealed that the events in the trailer serve as the foundation of the story in the upcoming game. There was a reason for the touching scene, as the title is supposed to resound with the dynamics between the father and son.

The other scenes in the trailer, particularly one with a blonde girl, will also unfold in relation to flashbacks to Noctis’s past. The girl is Luna, whose entry in the story had been a source of controversy following Stella’s removal from the game.

Tabata did mention one interesting tidbit in relation to her character. According to the game director, while Luna is seen as someone who needed to be saved, she possesses a stronger character, one that may be far stronger than Noctis himself.

Despite the Gamescom 2015 trailer, concrete release details have not yet been given. However, fans should not take this as a disheartening sign, as Tabata did confirm that everything in the development process of “Final Fantasy XV” is going according to plan. He even revealed a hopeful 65 percent of the game already being completed, DualShockers reports.

As far as announcements are concerned, Tabata added that they already know when the the actual release date of the title will be. Perhaps the company is just finding the right timing for the reveal, but it’s good to know that the developer is very much on top of the entire development process at the moment.

"Final Fantasy XV" Gamescom trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix NA)