Fausto Carmona
Fausto Carmona is actually Roberto Hernandez Heredia. REUTERS

Cleveland Indians pitcher Fausto Carmona was arrested on Thursday for using a fake identity and his actual name is Roberto Hernandez Heredia.

Carmona was arrested in the Dominican Republic when he went to an American consulate to renew his visa to work in the United States. The police realized that Carmona was actually Hernandez and 31 years old, not 28 as he has told people, according to Dominican police spokesman Maximo Baez Aybar on Twitter.

This arrest is part of the measures taken by the National Police, in coordination with the American Consulate. The NP invited Dominican prospects not to be misled by those who sell fake illusions based on illegality, Baez said on Twitter.

It's unclear how this will affect Carmona's ability to join the Indians for spring training in February. He has played for the Indians for the past six seasons and posted a subpar 7-15 record in 2011.

The age issue could have a major factor in negotiations with the organization in 2013 when the Indians have a $9 million club option on the pitcher. The fact that he is three years older than originally expected could turn off the Indians and other organizations from investing in him on a long-term basis.