City Manager John Shaw was reportedly a figure that allowed for police and court abuses to take place that created an unfair climate for blacks in the St Louis municipality of Ferguson. Reuters/Lucas Jackson/Files

Ferguson, Missouri, City Manager John Shaw resigned from his post on Tuesday after he was singled out in a Justice Department report as being partly responsible for systemic issues within the city’s police department and court system that came to light following the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Shaw follows a handful of other city employees to resign, including a court clerk and two police department employees who sent racist emails through work channels.

The city came to a “mutual separation agreement” with Shaw during a regular city council meeting, according to a press release from the city council. He wrote in his resignation letter that he thought it was “in the community’s best interest” that he resign. The city council thanked him for his service.

“Over the last several months I have done everything in my power to work with countless groups to bring about positive change and strengthen our community,” said Shaw, adding that Ferguson “has the resolve to overcome the challenges it faces in the coming months and emerge as a stronger community for it.”

Shaw praised Ferguson municipal judge Ron Brockmeyer for generating revenue for the city, despite concerns within the city council that he unfairly treated black defendants in his court. Shaw called those allegations about his service “simply false.”

“It goes without saying the city cannot afford to lose any efficiency in our courts, nor experience any decrease in our fines and forfeitures,” Shaw said in response to the concerns about Brockmeyer, according to St. Louis Today. Shaw also praised Police Chief Tom Jackson in emails regarding significant jumps in revenue generated from fines and arrests in 2011, but did not express any concern that the extra revenue was possibly made by an unfair court and law enforcement practices.

Ferguson will accept applications for Shaw’s position from people around the country. The St. Louis municipality is struggling to move on from the violence and controversy that engulfed it following Brown’s death. Wilson was not charged for the shooting, which many critics called murder.