Ferguson Missouri Mike Brown killing
Demonstrators protest the police killing of Mike Brown while standing outside the St. Louis County Circuit Clerk building in Clayton, Missouri, on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014. Reuters

A woman who identified herself as "Josie" told a St. Louis radio station Monday she was a close friend of Officer Darren Wilson, the man accused of shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and offered his version of the story.

CNN reported the account Monday after anchor Jake Tapper said the network had "vetted" the account. CNN aired portions of the radio interview. The woman said Wilson knew of the convenience store robbery and confronted Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson for walking in the middle of the street.

Josie said when he realized the description on the police radio matched that of Brown, he moved his car closer to the two teens to get out of the vehicle. It was then, Josie said, Brown allegedly shoved Wilson back into the car and punched him in the face. She said Brown reached for Wilson's gun and turned it against his hip.

“So [Wilson] really thinks [Brown] was on something, because he just kept coming. It was unbelievable. And so he finally ended up, the final shot was in the forehead, and then he fell about two to three feet in front of the officer,” Josie said.

CNN noted the autopsy results did not appear to show that any physical confrontation occurred.