EgyptAir Flight 985, the one that was forced to make an emergency landing in Scotland after a note threatening to blow up the plane was found in the lavatory, finally landed at JFK airport in New York on Sunday, but not before five passengers of the 326 on board the flight, identified as Syrians, tried to claim asylum in Scotland, AP reported. Scottish police could not provide further information.

On Saturday, British Typhoon fighter jets escorted the plane to Glasgow's Prestwick Airport, where the flight was met by a heavy police presence, but no arrests were made and the flight was eventually cleared to carry on its journey to the United States.

“They kept us on the plane for like three hours with the police around us and then it was about an hour or two in when I realized they had guns trained on us,” Cassandra Wilson, an American passenger, told 1010 WINS radio in New York.

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