Fervent Festivus supporter and self-described “militant atheist” Chaz Stevens is threatening to sue a Florida city for not erecting a Festivus pole alongside its Nativity display.

Stevens told the Broward-Palm Beach New Times that he’s spoken to the American Civil Liberties Union about his legal options, which include suing the city of Deerfield Beach.

The Boca Raton resident already has a Festivus pole made out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans at the statehouse in Tallahassee, which was put up earlier this month.

The activist and gadfly called on Deerfield Beach to erect a Festivus pole for its holiday display. The fake holiday gained popularity from “Seinfeld.” It aims to take the commercialization out of the season, with adherents setting up drab aluminum poles instead of the traditional Christmas tree.

Stevens accused Deerfield Beach Mayor Jean Robb of not caring about taxpayer money because the city ignored his lawsuit threat and the holiday displays went up without a Festivus pole. The city currently has a Nativity scene but no other holiday displays. Stevens made a profanity-laced video titled “Deerfield Beach Earns A Lawsuit” that criticizes the move.

“Jesus Christ – you people don’t f---- learn,” he says in the video, adding that the manger looks like a “Baby Jesus Motel 6 … brought to you by the stupid people of Deerfield Beach. ... I told you I would sue.”

A Festivus pole was eventually allowed by the city’s holiday display last year after Stevens complained. In response, Deerfield Beach said there wouldn’t be any Christmas displays this year, but the city apparently reneged on its promise, according to the New Times.

Stevens is the person behind My Acts of Sedition, a website chronicling his activism.