Ana Maria Moreta Folch
Ana Maria Moreta Folch St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman is facing criminal mischief charges after she allegedly had her next-door neighbor’s trailer bulldozed because she thought the people were “unsavory.”

Ana Maria Moreta Folch, 62, of St. Augustine, Florida, told a heavy equipment operator that the trailer was hers and wanted the home and the septic tank bulldozed, according to an arrest report obtained Friday by the Florida Times-Union.

The demolition already caused about $25,000 in damages when the true owner of the trailer, Maria Gottfried, showed up and called authorities. Gottfried told a St. Johns County sheriff’s deputy who arrived on the scene that she was the owner of the mobile home. She said she never got into any fights with Moreta Folch, adding that she also never gave her neighbor the key to her trailer.

Moreta Folch said she believed the people living inside broke into her car, according to the arrest report. She called the demolition “a favor” to the neighborhood.

The 62-year-old was released Wednesday on $10,000 bail, the Associated Press reports. It was unclear if she had a lawyer.