Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather will fight for the second time in four months in September. Reuters

In less than one month, Floyd Mayweather will fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez as he goes for his 45th career win. However, the undefeated boxer is still talking about a potential bout with Manny Pacquiao.

In July, Mayweather told Yahoo! Sports that he might step inside the ring with Pacquiao if his opponent ever fought with Mayweather Promotions. Pacquiao is currently signed with Bob Arum and Top Rank, with whom Mayweather cut ties with in 2006. In a recent interview with MLive.com, though, the 36-year-old is changing his tune.

"That's probably how I was feeling at that particular time. I'm only human. Floyd Mayweather does contradict himself. I'm only human. I'm not perfect. I mean, I think we all do,” Mayweather said. "How are things today? He's not going to get a chance to fight me. I was feeling that way weeks ago. Now, I'm feeling like I wouldn't even give him a chance. He had a chance, he blew it, so that's what it is."

A Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight would be one of the biggest events in boxing history. Both sides, though, have gone back and forth for a few years, and a potential matchup seems increasingly less likely.

“Me and Pacquiao had a chance to make the fight in the past, and you know, basically, that’s the best place I’d like to leave it,” Mayweather said. “As of right now, I’m not really thinking about Pacquiao. Good luck with whatever he’s doing.”

Since a fight has never been scheduled between the two, Mayweather has often been accused of ducking his counterpart. He has never lost in his career, and a fight with Pacquiao would put his undefeated streak at risk. In 2012, famed boxing expert Bert Sugar claimed that Mayweather was too concerned about his record to face an opponent of Pacquiao's caliber.

Most recently, though, Pacquiao’s struggles may be the biggest impediment to him getting a fight with the current best pound-for-pound fighter in the sport. Pacquiao has lost his last two bouts, which included a controversial defeat to Timothy Bradley and a sixth-round knockout to Juan Manuel Marquez. With Mayweather’s track record, he won’t face a boxer that hasn’t won in almost two years. Pacquiao is looking to get back on track when he faces Brandon Rios in November.

If Pacquiao loses his next fight, a possible matchup with Mayweather would almost certainly be off the table. Jinkee Pacquiao has told USA Today that she wants her husband to retire. While Pac-Man doesn’t intend on calling it a career any time soon, he has indicated that a loss to Rios would mean it’s time for him to move on from boxing.

Mayweather might have little interest in fighting Pacquiao, but two straight losses have done nothing to change Pac-Man’s desire for the dream matchup to occur. Representatives for the 34-year-old have said that he wants to face Mayweather, even if he doesn’t receive an equal share of the money.

Since Pacquiao has been on his losing streak, Mayweather has used this as an opportunity to criticize him. In February, Mayweather told ESPN that Pacquiao has to worry about beating other boxers before he can fight him.

“First Manny Pacquiao has to get past Marquez, a guy that I beat with ease,” said Mayweather. “I mean, that was one of my easiest fights. Manny Pacquiao still has Timothy Bradley problems. He still has Marquez problems. First, Manny Pacquiao has to get past those guys, and then he can step into the lion’s den with Floyd Mayweather.”

Mayweather will do battle with Alvarez in Las Vegas on Sept.14. He is a minus-285 favorite, according to Bovada.lv.