Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., cannot seem to stay out of trouble lately.

Mayweather has been ordered to pay Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao almost $114,000 in a defamation lawsuit that was filed in 2009.

The Washington Post reported that Pacquiao alleged that Mayweather defamed him by suggesting Pacquiao used performance-enhancing substances, a claim Pacquiao has denied.

“Calling a professional athlete a cheater is the most serious charge one can make,” the lawsuit said. “Accusing an athlete of using performance-enhancing drugs — however baseless and lacking in evidence — is toxic.”

Over the years, there has been great public interest in a fight between the two boxers, and world-renowned boxer Sugar Ray Leonard told the Daily Mail, “If Floyd doesn’t take on Manny he will have to live with that for the rest of his life.”

Yahoo sportswriter Kevin Iole said in a column that the two boxers haven't fought yet because Mayweather won't agree to a 50-50 split, and Pacquiao won't fight on those terms.

"If I offered him $30 million, he should be happy," Mayweather has told ESPN. "If I offered him $30 million and I didn't give money on the back end, why should I? He's with [Bob, Pacquiao's promoter] Arum right now, and they're having problems. It's obvious he must not be getting money on the back end."

Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach told Yahoo Sports that if the two boxers don’t make a fight happen soon, interest in the match may wane, and “it may no longer be relevant.”

Mayweather was released from a Las Vegas jail in August after serving two months of a three-month sentence in a misdemeanor domestic battery case for assaulting the mother of his children, in their presence, reports said.