Floyd Mayweather’s next fight is scheduled to take place in less than three months. It’s been assumed that the undefeated boxer will take on Amir Khan on May 3. However, the proposed fight may be in some jeopardy.

According to Khan, he’s signed a contract to be the next challenger to Mayweather’s perfect record. Mayweather, though, has yet to officially sign on for the bout. If that wasn’t proof enough that Mayweather was having second thoughts about fighting Khan, he went on social media last week to ask fans who he should face next.

“Who should I fight next? Go to MayweatherPromotions.com and vote. I'm going to let the fans decide,” the tweet read.

The fans were given two options: Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana. After over 35,000 votes were accounted for, Lockerdome reported that Khan was the winner with 20,105. Khan responded to the poll, hoping it would finally secure the fight he’s been waiting for.

“It would b an honour to share the ring with @FloydMayweather who will be loyal to his word and to the fans, to fight the winner of his poll,” Khan said on Twitter.

It’s been almost a year since Khan last stepped in the ring. He defeated Julio Diaz on April 27 in a unanimous decision, and hasn’t fought since, in order to prepare for the biggest boxing match of his life. Khan was scheduled to fight Devon Alexander in December for the IBF welterweight title, but pulled out when it looked like he might get to take on Mayweather. At the time he claimed he had a “better fight.”

Mayweather isn’t the only one questioning whether or not Khan should be his next opponent. The 27-year-old has won his last two fights, but his resume doesn’t make him a clear-cut choice to be the next challenger. Prior to beating Carlos Molina in late 2012, he lost two straight fights. Danny Garcia knocked him out in the fourth round of their bout, and Lamont Peterson beat him in a split decision in December 2011.

A fight with Manny Pacquiao is the one most people want to see, and Timothy Bradley has also proven to be a worthy opponent, with wins over Pac-Man and Juan Manuel Marquez in the last two years. With those fighters signed to Top Rank, though, Khan may be the best viable option. Pacquiao-Bradley II is set for April 12.

Despite his reservations, Mayweather will probably step in the ring with Khan on May 3. He may not be the perfect opponent, but at this point, none of the potential opponents is likely to give Mayweather much of a challenge.