Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor
Floyd Mayweather Jr. pictured during the Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor World Press Tour at Staples Center on July 11, 2017 in Los Angeles, might not have another fight after Aug. 26. Getty Images

When Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement in 2015, few believed he was actually done for good. The undefeated fighter was still the best pound-for-pound boxer, and he was making more money than any athlete in the world.

Shortly after Mayweather called it quits, a feud between himself and Conor McGregor, the new face of combat sports, was born. The two sides eventually came to an agreement, and they’ll meet in a one-of-a-kind fight on Aug. 26. More of a spectacle than a true boxing match, this isn’t exactly what the boxing world had in mind when they looked ahead towards Mayweather’s next fight.

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No championship will be on the line, and the super-fight will mark the first-ever professional boxing match of McGregor’s career. Mayweather is a heavy betting favorite, and barring an unforeseen series of events, he should defeat the UFC star with ease.

But what about Mayweather’s next real boxing match? Now that he’s come out of retirement, could he face an elite boxer after he takes care of McGregor?

“I’m not the same fighter I was 21 years ago,” Mayweather said in his MayMac World Tour press conference Tuesday in Los Angeles, via MMA Fighting. “I’m not the same fighter I was 10 years ago. I’m not even the same fighter I was two years ago. I understand that but I have that fighter’s mentality. But this will - I spoke to Al [Haymon, Mayweather’s manager]. Today we had a meeting and I can’t push my body [anymore]. It’s grueling. Training camp is grueling. I can’t do it anymore. It’s rough. Training camp is rough. I’m just going to the gym, working hard every day and it’s rough. This has to be my last one.”

There is no shortage of opponents for Mayweather to face if he wants to continue fighting in 2018. Keith Thurman and Errol Spence Jr. are both undefeated welterweights that could offer Mayweather a challenge. Canelo Alvarez has moved up to 160 pounds, but both fighters could be in for a huge payday if they ever agreed to a rematch at a lower weight.

Mayweather, however, insists that he’s done for good after his upcoming super-fight.

“After taking a couple years off, I was okay but then we end up somehow making this fight happen and now I really know that this is it. Deep in my heart, this is it. I can’t.”

It might be hard to take Mayweather at his word, considering he’s now come back from two retirements. The first time came in 2009 when he returned to defeat Juan Manuel Marquez and went on to fight for another six years.

Coming back for a fight against McGregor is a unique circumstance. Mayweather is seemingly guaranteed to make at least $100 million, and he likely has a chance to bank more than $200 million, depending upon the pay-per-view buys. It’s hard to believe any other fight would offer Mayweather that kind of payday.

Mayweather also has almost no chance to lose his next fight.

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Mayweather’s perfect record has always been important to him. A victory over McGregor would put him at 50-0 for his career. If he isn’t feeling nearly as good as he did a few years ago, he might not be willing to risk a loss against a younger boxer that’s in his prime.

Maybe another nine-figure payday will come Mayweather’s way, and it’ll be too much for him to pass up. But there’s a good chance that his bout against McGregor will truly be his last.