Science teacher James Drake compiled 600 images of the Earth that were taken by astronauts from space since the 1960s to create a time-elapsed 60-second video which gives the illusion of how astronauts from the International Space Station see Earth.

The one-minute video that starts in the Pacific Ocean and flies over North and South America and before sunrise over Antarctica gives you the sense that you are flying over Earth yourself.

On his blog, Drake describes the video as A time-lapse taken from the front of the International Space Station as it orbits our planet at night.

Drake described all the cities, countries and landmarks seen in order: Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, multiple cities in Texas, New Mexico and Mexico, Mexico City, the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, lightning in the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and the Amazon.

Watch the Video Below: