Memorable experiences make a good vacation, and a group of tourists in India had their fair share when they happened to encounter a tiger during the tour.

A recently shot footage, which has since gone viral on social media shows a group of safari-goers being chased by a tiger. In the footage, the tiger can be seen gnawing at the vehicle's curtain and refusing to let it go. The stubborn big cat had its jaws locked onto the curtain, even after the driver revved the vehicle's engine.

The incident took place during a Jungle Safari in Chhattisgarh in India, according to a report by Southwest news (SWNS). All the safari-goers watched the tiger holding on to the curtain hanging at the back of the vehicle as its prized prey.

Later on, another tiger joins the fray, and the two big cats get into a tussle, which gave the driver a window to start the engine and make a quick escape. However, as the bus began to move forward, the original cat decided it wouldn't let go of its prey easily and started chasing the bus. The second tiger too followed its cue and began chasing the bus.

The footage also shows one of the four tour guides closing the door of the bus. Further, while most of the tourists laughed the incident off, there were also a few who sounded rather alarmed.

The tour guides and the bus driver who were a part of the safari were later terminated by the forest administration for violating safety protocols, SWNS reported.

" We have suspended the services of the vehicle's driver and also have terminated the services of the guide after they ignored the standard protocol and safety measures were compromised," a statement released by Nandavan jungle safari's spokesperson said.

Samson, a male tiger, will leave on Sunday for the "Primadomus" Wildlife Refuge in Spain
Samson, a male tiger, will leave on Sunday for the "Primadomus" Wildlife Refuge in Spain AFP / Wojtek RADWANSKI