More recalls have rolled down the pipeline for Ford (F). The automaker has issued a series of safety recalls for its Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Mustang, and Transit Connect vehicles.

The first recall affects over 26,000 2020 Expedition and 2020 Lincoln Navigator models that are equipped with Pre-Collision Assist features that may not be functioning properly. The Pre-Collision Assist options include Collision Warning, Dynamic Brake Support, and Automatic Emergency Braking.

The recall said that the Pre-Collision Assist features may prevent notifications to the driver that indicate when the safety features are inoperative, which could prevent the system from detecting a frontal vehicle crash or reduce the risk or severity of these types of accidents. This could lead to an increased risk of injury or accident if the driver is relying on assistance from the Pre-Collision Assist system.

The affected vehicles were produced at Ford’s Kentucky Plant, with the Expedition models built from April 16, 2019 to March 20, 2020, and the Lincoln Navigators built from July 15, 2019 to March 19, 2020.

To repair the Pre-Collision Assist system issue, Ford dealers will reprogram the body control module, anti-locking braking system, instrument panel cluster, and headlamp control modules with new software calibrations. The software reprogramming will also require the reset of the tire pressure monitor system.

In another recall for the 2019 to 2020 Ford Mustang and also the 2019 Expedition from Ford, the transmission not in park warning message and chime is only active for three seconds. This occurs when the transmission is not in park, the ignition is off, and the driver’s door is closed.

The chime should remain active for 10 seconds, and the warning message should display for 30 minutes when the driver’s door is closed. Because the chime and warning message are not activated for the full intended duration, it could cause the vehicle to move unintendedly, increasing the risk of a crash

The recall affects over 10,500 vehicles in North America. The recalled Ford Mustangs were built at the automaker’s Flat Rock Assembly Plant from April 26, 2019 to Oct. 10, 2019 while the Ford Expeditions were built at the company’s Kentucky Truck Plant from Oct. 16, 2018 to Oct. 13, 2019.

To remedy the problem, Ford dealers will reprogram the instrument panel cluster.

Also recalled by Ford were the 2014 to 2017 Transit Connect models. These vehicles are equipped with a panoramic vista roof that may have an improper bond to the van body that could cause wind noise, water leaks, and, in some instances, separation from the van.

The recall affects over 5,000 vehicles that were built at Ford’s Valencia Assembly Plant from July 17, 2014 to Oct. 1, 2016.

To fix the bonding issue, Ford dealers will remove, clean, and reinstall the panoramic roof glass.

Ford has not received any reports of accidents or injuries related to the three safety recalls.

Shares of Ford stock were down 0.10% as of 11:13 a.m. EDT on Tuesday.

Ford Expedition 2020 Ford has issued a recall for its Expedition SUVs. Expedition Platinum introduces more premium updates for 2020, including leather-wrapped instrument panel topper and door rollovers, plus more aluminum interior touches. Photo: Ford Motor Company