It appears that there is some truth to the rumors that Princess Love, the former girlfriend of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., is having an affair with Ray J. The former stripper and “I Hit It First” rapper allegedly decided to publicly display their relationship this week by getting matching tattoos.

Gossip website Baller Alert obtained several photos of Princess Love and Ray J cozying up together, but one photo particularly provides indisputable evidence that the pair are indeed together. In the picture, Princess Love shows off her new tattoo consisting of Ray J’s name set amid a heart. Ray J got a matching tattoo, with Princess Love’s initials set within a heart. The photo of the matching tattoos can be viewed on Baller Alert’s website.

Princess Love is best known for her combative relationship with Mayweather, which reportedly ended last month after noted rapper 50 Cent accused the boxer’s “side girlfriend” of having an affair with Ray J. On Sept. 28, 50 Cent went on an Instagram rant, posting several photos of Princess Love with derogatory captions and implying that Mayweather’s girlfriend had cheated on him.

“Damn Champ, Ray J like this on dat hoe. Time to repo. You already know,” 50 Cent wrote in the one post. “I GOT FLOYD, I GOT RAY J at the same damn Time,” he wrote in another.

An unnamed source with knowledge of the situation corroborated 50 Cent’s claims in an interview with Larry Brown Sports. The source claims that Princess Love and Ray J went on vacation together in Miami a few months ago and began sleeping together. Princess Love’s now-deleted Instagram account contained several photos that seemed to confirm the rumor.

In one photo, Princess Love posed next to Ray J while wearing the same bikini that she wore on her Miami vacation. Larry Brown Sports’ source added that Mayweather was unaware of the affair until Princess Love’s friend told him about it.


Ray J and Princess Love, each of whom identified themselves as members of “The Money Team,” the name given to Mayweather’s closest associates, have allegedly been kicked out of the group due to their affair.

Princess Love’s relationship with Ray J isn’t the only source of drama between her and Mayweather. Last week, a source told Larry Brown Sports that the former stripper had enabled Mayweather to be robbed in the middle of his fight against Canelo Alvarez in September. Princess Love responded on social media, claiming that she had been set up and leaking text messages allegedly exchanged between her and Mayweather. Her associates claim that Mayweather set up the “robbery” after she decided that she was no longer interested in dating him.