• The coronavirus has caused people to panic buy and hoard their supplies
  • Al Harrington has taken an entrepreneurial role since retiring from the NBA
  • He shares that his cannabis business has doubled in sales since the pandemic broke out

Al Harrington was a consistent scorer in his days in the NBA. He had the ability to work inside the paint but also stretch the floor with his shooting. The former Golden State Warrior was a big part of the historic We Believe run they had in 2007. The six-foot-nine power forward could light it up from beyond the arc and back it up with unmatched confidence.

He later went on to have strong stints with the New York Knicks where he had his best scoring year in the 2008-2009 season. He tallied 20.7 points a game. He’s now currently retired and has ventured to a different field.

He is now an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. He started his own company called Viola Extracts and has expanded into other investments. He has been a longtime advocate for the legalization of cannabis.

With the coronavirus causing a major scare across everyone, Harrington shared that his business benefited from it. He said that people have been panic buying and stocking up on their supply – much like how essentials such as toilet paper and soap have been hoarded.

His sales have doubled with the sudden rush of people staying at home. People have stocked up on their supply as they wait for the global pandemic to come to an end.

"The challenge is gonna be making sure that we can keep up with the demand at this point," Harrington tells TMZ.

The government implementing strict precautionary measures stating that only those essential businesses are allowed to operate.

"The main thing we have to make sure of is our government views it as essential, 'cause a lot of people use cannabis for medicine and it would be a travesty if they decide to take that off and not allow people access to cannabis."

The foundation of Harrington’s business came from his grandmother suffering from high blood pressure, glaucoma and diabetes. Harrington convinced his grandmother to take cannabis in replacement for her painkillers. She was able to use marijuana as a way for immediate relief

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