• Adrien Broner is in jail for failing to show proof of current financial status
  • Broner needs to settle the lawsuit worth more than $800,000
  • Broner is set to have another hearing on Nov. 4

Adrien Broner had a good run in boxing and his lavish lifestyle is well-documented. Though he experienced a sufficient amount of success in the ring, the 31-year-old had his share of trouble outside the squared-circle.

Now, “The Problem” needs to cough up roughly $800,000 to settle a civil lawsuit filed against him.

The whole mess started in June 2018 when Broner was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a nightclub in the Warehouse District over in Cleveland.

The woman, whose name was withheld, filed the case and Broner ended up getting charged in November of the same year.

It was about the same time when the four-division champion announced he was facing Manny Pacquiao in January 2019, reported. He ended up losing that fight but still came out as a winner due to the lucrative payday.

In April 2019, Broner would plead guilty to two lesser charges and was ordered to serve two years of probation. But the accuser did not stop there, filing a civil lawsuit that he did not take seriously.

When he appeared recently at the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, Judge Nancy Margaret Russo had enough of the antics of Broner and sent the boxer to jail for continuously failing to cooperate.

“Mr. Broner has continually defied every court order I’ve given,” stated judge Nancy Margaret Russo. “The jig is up today.”

Broner alleged that he was broke, claiming he only had $13 in his pocket. But what gave him away was his social media post, showing thousands of dollars in cash and bragging that all of it belonged to him.

"Where's all the money coming from that you're flashing around on Instagram? Whose money is that?" the judge asked.

Broner tried to explain that the alleged money was something sent to him by his rich friends who wanted to help him out. Among the names that the 31-year-old dropped include two-division titleholder Gervonta Davis, adviser Al Haymon and Showtime president Stephen Espinoza.

Despite his claim, the judge saw it as invalid and wanted further proof. A new hearing is set for Nov. 4 with Broner’s legal team required to provide “complete and truthful information” about his financial status.

Adrien Broner
Professional boxer Adrien Broner has logged 33 wins, 24 knockouts and 3 losses. Getty Images