French police arrested seven persons, including one Indian national in Paris on Tuesday as security was tightened in the city on the sidelines of post-Osama bin Laden's death.

Interior Minister Claude Guéant was, however, categorical that they were not terrorists. “Nothing indicates that those people were planning an attack in France,” he clarified.

Six suspects were detained on Monday but the main target of the operation, an Indian national who arrived from Algeria, was taken in on Tuesday, officials said.

Guéant said other six arrested were in contact with two French citizens, who had been arrested in the Pakistani city of Lahore in January.

The citizens were accused of helping a group that was indicted for carrying out the 2002 terrorist attack in Bali that left 200 dead.

French intelligence has been trying to reach the Jihadist networks as they noticed frequent travels by some Islamic militants to the Pakistani-Afghan border.

The terror threat in France is already at its second-highest level over some perceived threats from al Qaeda which demanded France pull its troops out of Afghanistan.

Last year, a major alert in Europe was issued after some reports revealed that Muslims holding European passports had received training in al Qaeda camps.