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Russia's Energia Eyes Moon Ride

Energia, the designer and manufacturer of Soyuz manned spaceships, is planning a commercial flight either directly to the moon or to dock first with the International Space Station (ISS) and later...

HP Exits Tablets, Smartphones; Is Cisco Next?

Though Cisco's Cius tablet, created for the enterprise combining voice, video, collaboration and virtualization capabilities in a single portable device, may finally end up as a doctor's device than supporting any generic usage.

Has NASA Found Something 'Significant' on Mars?

NASA said it will host a news briefing on Thursday about a significant new Mars science finding. The space agency did not give too many details in the release but said the new finding is based on...
 Nintendo Post Poor Quarterly Financial Performance: Analysts Question Veteran Games Makers Future

Nintendo Suffers Stock Plunge, Profits Lowest in 27 Years

The shares of Japanese videogame maker Nintendo fall by a massive margin of 20 percent after poor sales results of its new 3D capable games device forced the company to cut the price of the product and its annual profit target.


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Spain-Based 2gether Crypto Wallet Hacked

The crypto wallet app 2gether announced it cannot compensate users immediately but offered an alternative in which every customer will receive its native coin 2GT tokens equal to the amount lost in...