Articles by Nagesh Narayana

2.8 Million U.S. Jobs Lost Since China Joined WTO: Study

About 2.8 million jobs, both in manufacturing and high-tech fields, have been lost as a result of the growing U.S. trade deficit with China since Beijing's entry into the World Trade Organization in 2001, said an EPI study, which was denounced immediately by the US-China Joint Business Council.

Russia's Energia Eyes Moon Ride

Energia, the designer and manufacturer of Soyuz manned spaceships, is planning a commercial flight either directly to the moon or to dock first with the International Space Station (ISS) and later pay a visit to the moon.

HP Exits Tablets, Smartphones; Is Cisco Next?

Though Cisco's Cius tablet, created for the enterprise combining voice, video, collaboration and virtualization capabilities in a single portable device, may finally end up as a doctor's device than supporting any generic usage.

Joel Osteen's Concert Turns Into Rick Perry's Political Prayer

On Hiroshima Bombing anniversary, televangelist Joel Osteen's concert in Houston on Saturday brought together as usual millions of people around the world to watch his music concert which went off live with Texas Governor Rick Perry scripture from the Book of Joel and Book of Isaiah

Has NASA Found Something 'Significant' on Mars?

NASA said it will host a news briefing on Thursday about a significant new Mars science finding. The space agency did not give too many details in the release but said the new finding is based on observations from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), which has been orbiting the Red Planet since 2006.

Internet Umbrella: Future of Browsing While on the Move in Rain

The Internet Umbrella acts as a video monitor displaying images from the Internet as the user walks along. The handle of the umbrella fitted with a projector transmits images to the underside of the umbrella so the user can watch it alive while walking in rain.

Update: Malaysia cracks down on protesters; tear gas fired, 1400 arrested

Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur is in the grip of unrest, with protests against Prime Minister Najib Razak's government demanding electoral reforms, in a rare display of spill over effect of the Arab Spring into the Southeast Asian Muslim-dominated nation. Malaysian police fired repeated rounds of tear gas and detained over 1400 people in the capital on Saturday.

Job Market Retreats to 2008/2009 Levels

Despite recent market volatility and unfavorable labor statistics, second quarter employee confidence over job security, pay raises and the job market has returned to levels last seen in the height of the recession.

'NASA Conspiracies': Not all controversial, says Nick Redfern

In his book NASA conspiracies British journalist and author Nick Redfern has raised many questions on the space agency efforts in exploring outer space, including the Apollo moon landings, the controversial face on Mars, UFO sightings and other secret space programs.

Missed future predictions as of 2011

The year 2011 was envisioned by many futurologists in the last 100 years to be full of jumpsuits, electronic cars and mobile satellite phones. While some of them came true, many others were not even past their successful trials.

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Did IMF face cyber attack from a member-nation?

In a bizarre incident early this year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) faced a cyber attack, ironically from a member-nation, though the fund is not willing to reveal the country's name.