Not missing out on the much awaited family and away time this summer break could still be done whether in a tight budget or a splurge. The big break from the daily grind awaits you and your loved ones in Poitou-Charente, the south of France.

A day or two would not suffice in exploring the many attractions and activities in store for each member of the family.

It can also be that away weekend for couples longing for the right moment to explore new places and each other as they delight with new discoveries amidst the stunning sun-kissed beaches, historically picturesque towns, lavish gourmet and spirits offerings and lush green landscapes.

Tour the Atlantic Coast, Poitou-Charente

One of the many attractions in the Atlantic Coast is La Rochelle.

Old harbour town known for its two towers, will allow you and the kids to view Europe's largest aquariums, now home to 12,000 marine animals from the world's oceans.

Tickle the children's historical fancy at the Rochefort,  which has an identical replica of the big ship, frigate Hermione, that has taken voyager La Fayette to American shores in the 18th century.

Another day could be spent at the beach as they can swim and bask on the clear, blue waters of the Ile d'Oléron where the children can also visit a lighthouse. With bicycles that can be rented for easy mobility around town, you and your family can also enjoy a trip at the oyster farm of the Cité de l'Huître and try their freshly harvested Marennes Oléron oysters.

The children will also delight in another morning of exploring the La Palmyre zoo,  where they have gathered animals from five continents. The afternoon can be a splash into the Côte Sauvage.

If you are travelling as a couple, a special trip to the Cognac City will be something to look forward to.

Explore the Cognac City

Cognac City is where the bedazzling drink started and is still being produced these days. It lies within a picturesque harbour city by the river bustling with activity. The gourmand at heart will be treated to local specialties as aperitif before the classic cognac sip.

Whether you want to travel by car, boat or plane, the many attractions of Cognac Country and Atlantic Coast in Poitou-Charente will be a memorable holiday for you and your family.