A young man gestures during a pro-Gaddafi rally in Green Square, Tripoli
A young man gestures during a pro-Gaddafi rally in Green Square, Tripoli, August 15, 2011. Reuters

Here is a brief rundown of important events around the world Monday morning, August 22, 2011.

Endgame for Gadhafi: Tripoli, Libya is seeing heavy fighting as rebels have taken much of the city Sunday. Two of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s sons have been arrested. Gaddafi’s whereabouts are unknown.

Assad Remains Defiant: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad told state TV that his government is in control of the country and he will not accept interference from foreign countries who are demanding he step down after months of protests.

Strauss-Kahn Seeing Light of Day: Prosecutors in New York prosecutors will likely to seek dismiss all criminal sexual assault charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF boss.

Goodnight, Irene: Tropical storm Irene if bearing down on the Dominican Republic and could turn into a hurricane.
Israel-Palestine: Concerns are growing about a recent spate of violence between Israel and Palestinian militants. Last week, following a flurry of attacks on Israeli civilians, five Egyptian policemen were killed in retaliation.

North Korea Resort Trouble: North Korea threatened to seize the assets of a tourist site it jointly operates with South Korea. The South has just 72 hours to withdraw from Mount Kumgang, which lies just inside North Korea.

Russian Woman at No. 3: Valentina Matviyenko, an ally of PM Vladimir Putin, won a seat in the upper house of parliament by a landslide, putting her in the third most important position of power in the country.